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Grief counseling and more in Honolulu

Whether you're struggling to get over a loss or you'd like to be a better spouse through mentoring, at New Beginning Coaching Services in Honolulu, we offer free services to our clients. That means we're there on your side when you need us - regardless of your financial situation. We believe that the key to a great life is working through the issues that have the potential to derail you from your goals. Call us today and learn about the various counseling and mentoring services we offer. 

Mentorship (individual, couple, family)

We know that it can be hard to know what the right path to take is. We can act as a mentor to individuals, couples, and families. This allows our counselors to help guide you through your continuing personal development and assist you through overcoming life’s struggles. We want to help you develop a wholesome outlook and positive attitude toward life in general so that you may experience abundant living. Isn't it time you felt satisfied with your life and relationships?

Grief recovery 

When we provide our grief recovery services, we aim to help those who have experienced a loss and are still going through grief to resolve their feelings. This helps them to move beyond grief to live a more fulfilling and richer quality of life. We wish to reduce and eliminate the unnecessary loss to productivity, inclination to mistakes, and accidents that may occur in the workplace caused by the distraction of one's grieving over a death, marital problems, and divorce. Let us help you get back to where you want to be.

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Mediation/Conflict Resolution

Facilitate assistance to resolve a wide range of personal/business conflicts through mediation; foster proper communications  to problem solving; assist parties to contain costs, save time, and preserve  relationships and empower to devise their own creative solutions.

Immigrant Acculturation/Adaptation

Work with immigrants in orienting them with the new culture to minimize the culture shock; discuss basic government regulations, civic and social  obligations, applicable housing and possible entitlements to help them succeed in the new society.

Health and Spiritual Wellness

We aim to lead those searching for deeper understanding of their divine purposes. We want to help you go from questioning and seeking to the exciting experience of finding an intimate relationship with God. Doing so can provide a noble impetus to living a worthwhile and rewarding life through creating a meaningful spiritual connection.
Grief counseling services to an old lady in Honolulu, HI
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