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Career Coaching

Honolulu's Diversified Coaching Services

When you need a resume writing service to help boost your career in Honolulu, you need the experts at New Beginning Coaching Services. We offer a variety of life and career coaching services to our clients at zero cost. Do you feel as though you've been stagnating in your career? Call us today and take advantage of our coaching and counseling services. You'll be glad you did. 

Career assessment and management

We seek to provide assistance to those who are pursuing or upgrading in their careers. We help you to assess your situation, your aptitudes, and your interests in order to provide practical advice. We work together with you to enhance your career knowledge and skills while we teach practical career management techniques for career success.

Resume writing & job skill coaching

When we work with you, we will provide a critique and analysis of your job history to help you learn what sort of position advancement would be appropriate for you. We can assist you by reviewing and even writing a functional resume should you be actively considering a career transition to another field from the one you currently work in. We then can coach those who need new job seeking skills. Let us assist you in finding the new employment horizon you've been looking for.

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Employee Assistance Program

Assist employee to become a valuable asset to the employer by partnering  in worthwhile  company objectives for maximal productivity; aim to excel in job performance, demonstrated  favorable behavior, and expected production efforts successfully and develop healthy work habits like continued learning attitude for the good of the company but also for one's potential interest for promotion or salary upgrade.

Basic Business Consulting

Provide orientation and basic  business consulting to those desiring to pursue a business venture either as sole proprietor, business partner, or corporation owner. Discuss both advantages and disadvantages as there will be a lot of financial outlay, various  management responsibilities, marketing skills and other company related concerns to undertake.

Resume writing service to help boost your career in Honolulu, HI
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